CCIE Collaboration

1-      Protocols and APIs 

a-       IP collaboration signalling protocol

b-      Media Negotation

c-       Media Path Optimization

d-      SIP Headers

e-      Media Protocols

f-        DTMF- Relay

g-       Messaging protocols

h-      Collaboration APIs


2-      Insfrastructure and Qos

a-       Network Services

b-      Tshoot Layer2-3 connectivity issue

c-       Qos

d-      Call Admission Control (CAC)

e-      Certificate management


3-      Call Control and Dial Plan

a-       Global Dial Plan

b-      Dial Plan on CUCM

c-       Advanced Dial Plan

d-      URI and Domain Base Routing

e-      UCM Telephony features

f-        Audio and codec Selection

g-       Sıp trunk and Secure Sıp Trunk

h-      UDS Multi-cluster envoironment

i-        Database Replication

j-        Dial Plan on CUBE

k-       SIP-SRST and E-SRST

l-        Dial Plan on Expressway




4-      Endpoint and User Management

a-       Hardware and software registration on multi-cluster

b-      mixed-mode and SBD on CUCM

c-       Securing Endpoint

d-      Collab endpoint and ıpv6

e-      endpoint features

f-        user authentication and authorization

g-       Self-provisinig


5-      Edge Services

a-       ISDN-PRI gateways

b-      SIP Trunking using CUBE

c-       SIP Normalization and SDP

d-      Secure sıp trunks on CUBE

e-      Box to box Redundancy

f-        Network and Application Level security on Cisco IOS-XE

g-       Firewall Traversal in Collab Solution

h-      Expressway Series traversal com.

i-        Mobile Remote Access ( MRA)

j-        Network and Application Level security on Expressway

k-       Webex Edge and Webex Hybrid Services

l-        Third-party interoperability and federation


6-      Media Resources and Meetings

a-       Media Resources

b-      Randezvous Conferencing

c-       Ad-hoc Conferencing

d-      Schedule Meetings

e-      Callbridge and webBridge on CMS

f-        High Availability on CMS

g-       Secure Conferencing on CMS


7-      Collaboration Applications and Services

a-       IMP servers and clients

b-      Presence

c-       IMP server integration with external database for persistent chat and group chat

d-      Unity Connection voicemail integration

e-      Unity Connection voicemail features

f-        CUC voicemail Dial Plan

g-       Mobility features

h-      Extension Mobility Cross Cluster(EMCC)

i-        Audio and Video Call Recording architectures

j-        Secure Call Recording

k-       Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

l-        Finess Agent Desktop

 Course Duration

 192 hours


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