Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD)


The Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD) v1.0 course gives you the knowledge you need to design Cisco® wireless networks. The course covers design specifics from scenario design concepts through the installation phase and into post-deployment validation.

This course, including the self-paced material, helps prepare you to take the exam, Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-425 ENWLSD), which leads to the new CCNP® Enterprise and Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Design certifications. 


  • General knowledge of networks
  • General knowledge of wireless networks
  • Routing and switching knowledge

Tavsiye Edilen Cisco Ön Eğitimler

  • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0
  • Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) v1.1
  • Understanding Cisco Wireless Foundations (WLFNDU)

Kurs Süresi

  • Instructor-led training: 5 days with hands-on lab practice
  • Virtual instructor-led training: 5 days of web-based classes with hands-on lab practice
  • E-learning: Equivalent of 5 days of instruction with hands-on lab practice

Kurs Hedefleri

  • Describe and implement a Cisco-recommended structured design methodology
  • Describe and implement industry standards, amendments, certifications, and Requests For Comments (RFCs)
  • Describe and implement Cisco enhanced wireless features
  • Describe and implement the wireless design process
  • Describe and implement specific vertical designs
  • Describe and implement site survey processes
  • Describe and implement network validation processes

Ders İçeriği

  • Describing and Implementing a Structured Wireless Design Methodology
  • Describing and Implementing Industry Protocols and Standards
  • Practice Activity: Review Standards, Amendments, Certifications and RFCs
  • Describing and Implementing Cisco Enhanced Wireless Features
  • Review Cisco Enhanced Wireless Features
  • Practice Activity: Review Cisco Enhanced Wireless Features
  • Examining Cisco Mobility and Roaming
  • Describing and Implementing the Wireless Design Process
  • Design a Wireless Network
  • Describing and Implementing Specific Vertical Designs
  • Design a Wireless Network for a Specific Vertical
  • Design a Wireless Network that Extends Beyond the Campus
  • Examining Special Considerations in Advanced Wireless Designs
  • Describing and Implementing the Site Survey Processes
  • Use Cisco Prime Infrastructure as a Design Tool
  • Create a Predictive Site Survey with Ekahau Pro
  • Design a Voice and Data Network Using Ekahau Pro
  • Review a Live Site Survey Using AP on a Stick
  • Describing and Implementing Wireless Network Validation Processes
  • Simulate a Post-installation Network Validation Survey
Kimler Katılmalı

  • Consulting systems engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Network manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Technical solutions architect
  • Wireless design engineer
  • Wireless engineer

300-425 ENWLSD


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