Cisco Network Programmability for Engineers with Python


Learn how you can manage a network more efficiently with Network Programmability and develop Python programming fundamental skills.

This course is designed to be of immediate value to Network Engineers looking to use Network Programming to simplify or automate their tasks. It covers the fundamentals of Python programming within the context of performing functions relevant to network engineers.

This Cisco self-paced course is designed with interactivity in mind — through hands-on labs, review questions, and summary challenges. This renders the learning experience more real-world and helps increase retention. Additionally, gamification features such as badges and leaderboard provide social visibility and motivation to perform better.


The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Experience with network management (CCNA-level recommended)
Kurs Süresi
  • Instructor-led training: 5 days with hands-on lab practice
  • Virtual instructor-led training: 5 days of web-based classes with hands-on lab practice
  • E-learning: Equivalent of 5 days of instruction with hands-on lab practice
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Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe use cases and examples of the value of network programmability
  • Acquire a full complement of Python programming skills — basics, data structures, control structures, comparison operators, input and output, structured programming, object-oriented programming, etc.
  • Use Python to communicate to individual network devices, using examples of real networking communication and operations
  • Use Python to communicate to multiple devices
  • Use Object-Oriented Programming within Python to abstract network devices
  • Use databases within a network-based application to store information about the network
  • Use test methodologies to create quality applications
  • Leverage software available via open source and existing libraries e.g. Cisco GitHub, Cisco DevNet, Python general-purpose and Cisco-specific libraries, NX-API
Ders İçeriği

Module 1: Cisco Network Programming for ACI with Python (Advanced)

· A short memo for Web Services, Restful APIs, XML and JSON Processing

· Using Python to manage ACI over REST API

· Installing a new ACI Fabric from scretch with Python scripts

Module 2 : Using Ansible with Cisco Network Products

· Installation of ansible for everybody

o Docker based sample workout infrastructure setup

· Ansible Network Modules for Cisco




Module 3 : Introduction to Python Web Frameworks

· Web frameworks, what are they used for?

· Django Web framework

· Implementing a network device inventory with Django

· Adding new apps to your Django Project

o Topology Diagram Application with Graphics Modules

§ L3 Topology Diagram

§ L2 Topology Diagram

Module 4 : Introduction to Elastic Stack

· How to use a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine for Networking Applications and Logging Applications

· Elastic Stack Installation for Everybody, Python API

· Elastic Stack Components

o ElasticSearch

o Kibana

o LogStash

o Beats

o X-Pack

· A sample ADM (Application Dependency Mapping) exercise.

o Working with FW Logs

o Working with netstat outputs

o Working with Captured Packet Headers

Module 5 : Regular Expressions with Python (Optional)

· Foundation for regular expressions

· Regular expressions for parsing Cisco configurations files

· Regular expressions for parsing web based config files (i.e Checkpoint)


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