System Administration 1


"Linux System Administration I" training is designed for IT professionals who have no previous Linux management experience to gain the necessary basic skills and experience. This training focuses on basic management tasks and aims to provide the ability to maintain Linux systems.

Kurs Süresi

  • Instructor-led training: 5 days with hands-on lab practice
  • Virtual instructor-led training: 5 days of web-based classes with hands-on lab practice
  • Kurs Hedefleri

    • Access to the command line Operations for logging into a Linux system and running simple commands using the Shell 

    • File management via command line Copying, moving, creating, deleting and organizing files via bash shell command System 

    • Creating, viewing and editing text files Creating, viewing and editing text files on command output or via a text editör 

    • Manage local Linux users and groups Operations for managing local Linux users, groups, and local password policies 

    • Controlling access to Linux file system permissions Setting Linux file system permissions on files and monitoring and interpreting the security effects of different security permissions settings 

    • Monitoring and managing Linux processes Operations to obtain information about the system and control the processes running on the system 

    • Services and Deamons control Controlling and monitoring network services and system daemons using systemd 

    • Configuring and securing OpenSSH service Access to the command line of remote systems securely using the OpenSSH service 

    • Analyze and store logs For troubleshooting purposes, find, configure and correctly analyze relevant system log files 

    • Linux network management Basic network (IPv4) configuration operations on Linux systems 

    • Archiving and copying files between systems Archiving and copying files from one system to another 

    • Installing and updating software packages Configuring, downloading, installing, updating packages and managing repos

    • Accessing Linux file systems Accessing and controlling existing file systems on a Linux system 

    • Using virtualization systems Creating and using Linux virtual machines with KVM and libvirt 

    • Comprehensive review and examples Using many examples to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this training

    Kimler Katılmalı

    Beginners and IT professionals can participate in this "Linux System Administration I" training if they want to perform main Linux System Administration tasks such as Linux system setup, configuring network settings and providing network connectivity, managing physical storage areas and providing basic security management.


    Randevu ve bilgi talebi için : 0850 755 02 83